How to think about presence during meditation and how to live in a state of presence in the moments of your life.

Are you living more of your life in the present moment? And as you do this, notice how much more enjoyable, simple, and beautiful your life is.


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Here we are. At the time of release of this episode, it is almost one year to the day that the World Health Organization (WHO) confirmed the coronavirus as pandemic.

We are discussing a topic this is long overdue, that you may have already been experiencing; that we all need to shed more light upon so that you and others who are suffering in sadness and with depression can heal yourself.

This information is not intended to replace your proactive…

We all know how to live in our truth.

There is a choice that we make at some early point in our developmental process. It often goes undetected.

It is a point and space in time in which we distinctly forgo some or much of our innate confidence and the pure knowing of who we are and what is important to us in trade for what we are being taught in the replete messages in the world and…

Not What You Look Like

There will always be the desire and pursuit of beauty as seeking some ideal or perfection; based on what constitutes for someone, what is beautiful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; which also reminds you that you have the free will to choose what you will see as…

“You will always find formative information to support your fears; the challenge is to always seek the truth.” — Dorothy Ratusny

In This Article:

  • The Three Best Practices for Alleviating Fear Specific to the Coronavirus
  • What Does it Mean to ‘Flatten the Curve’ and How Can You Best Do This?
  • Why NOW is The Best Time to Re-Examine Your Health Care Practices
  • Simple Ways To Improve Your Immune System
  • A Cognitive…

Dorothy Ratusny

A Registered Psychotherapist specialized in blending the practical successes of Cognitive Therapy with the enlightened principles of conscious spirituality.

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